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Many of the most popular classic modifications are included in the pack, ensuring that veteran modded gamers will feel right at home, as well as many wonderful new mods to discover, keeping the pack fresh and full of new adventures just waiting to happen.

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What is Valhelsia Mod?

The Valhelsia Structures Mod 1.16.5/1.15.2 adds additional structures to the game, including abandoned buildings and dungeons. No matter what kind of Minecraft player you are, Valhelsia 3 has something for you. Builders will like a large number of beautiful decorative blocks available to broaden their palette. Engineers and technical players have access to sophisticated machinery and automation. There are many structures to uncover around the planet, as well as caverns and underground dungeons, and many more when journeying to other dimensions. You might possibly come across some valuable antiquities!

While we strive to create a pack that appeals to a wide spectrum of players, we are also very picky about the modules we include, resulting in a polished collection of the greatest mods available in the Minecraft 1.16 modding community.

Minecraft Forge is required.


  • Biomes O’ Plenty, Autumnity, Atmospheric, Environmental, and Druidcraft are all stunning new biomes.
  • Many new blocks in a variety of materials and color palettes to compliment your creations and beautify the surrounding scenery.
  • Discover new structures and dungeons thanks to the Valhelsia Structures mod.
  • Thanks to The Endergetic Expansion, there is new stuff to explore in The End.
  • It isn’t just the surface of the planet that has been enhanced; thanks to YUNG’s Better Caves and Better Mineshafts, as well as underground biomes from Quark, the subsurface has been completely overhauled.
  • Mekanism, Immersive Engineering, and Create may all be used to create completely automated factories. Engineer’s Decor can be used to decorate them correctly.
  • Botania, Eidolon, Blood Magic, and Astral Sorcery are some of the modifications that can help you learn new magical powers and build magical objects.
  • Whether you use magic or technology, you can create new armour and tools for yourself. Alternatively, you can use Tetra to manufacture your tools and weapons, combining multiple materials to create something truly unique and modular.
  • Unique Artifacts can be found in dungeons, buried riches, and end cities to reward your investigation.
  • Enjoy new mods like Farmer’s Delight and Supplementaries, as well as Abnormals Delight’s compatibility with other mods.
  • There are far too many quality-of-life mods to name that make interacting with the game easier.
  • FerriteCore and Performant are only two of the performance-enhancing upgrades available.
  • While we’ve tried to include mods that appeal to every style of Minecraft player, we’ve also avoided redundancy as much as possible.
  • Updated Engineering Resource Pack by tdstress is included in the package (included with permission).

How to Install:

  • Make sure Minecraft Forge is already installed.
  • Find the folder containing the Minecraft application.
  • Select Run from the Start menu on Windows, then type percent AppData percent and press Enter.
  • On a Mac, open the finder, hold down ALT, and then go to the Library from the top menu bar. Look under the Application Support folder for Minecraft.
  • Put the.jar file for the mod you just downloaded into the Mods folder.
  • When you run Minecraft and click the mods button, the mod should now be installed.


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Valhelsia – 0.0.10 B 1.14.4 762 23/08/2019
Valhelsia – 0.0.2a B 1.14.3 192 28/07/2019
Valhelsia 1.14 1.18 Updating 1.18 Updating Updating
Valhelsia 1.14 1.17.1 Updating 1.17.1 Updating Updating
Valhelsia 1.14 1.17 Updating 1.17 Updating Updating
Valhelsia 1.14 1.16.5 Updating 1.16.5 Updating Updating
Valhelsia 1.14 1.16.4 Updating 1.16.4 Updating Updating
Valhelsia 1.14 Forge Updating Forge Updating Updating
Valhelsia 1.14 Fabric Updating Fabric Updating Updating
Valhelsia 1.14 1.15.2 Updating 1.15.2 Updating Updating

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