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SevTech: Ages is a huge modpack with tonnes of content and growth. This pack focuses on giving the gamer a purposeful long-term growth experience. SevTech introduces a number of never-before-seen concepts, like the ability to hide ore until it is unlocked, dynamically hidden goods and recipes based on progress, new enemies appearing as you progress, and much more! The modpack makes use of the vanilla advancement system to guide the player while maintaining an open, sandbox environment. As you move through the hundreds of personalized improvements, new “ages” will appear, revealing new mods to explore.

SevTech: Ages

SevTech wants to introduce a variety of mods that aren’t commonly utilized while also changing several well-known mods. For the optimal player experience, the bundle also includes a slew of custom mods.

You’ll start with nothing in your first world. There’s no map or HWYLA, and only a few products and recipes. As you continue, you’ll gain access to those functionalities, as well as thousands of more things and blocks. Your goal is to follow through the advancement system from the stone age all the way into space!

Every aspect of SevTech: Ages is also available in Multiplayer! Every progression point is determined by the player, not the server. This implies that if you join a large server after everyone else, you will not be left behind. The pack also includes the “Together Forever” mod, which allows users to join teams and sync their progress. “quark realistic” is suggested as the World Type.

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SevTech: Ages SevTech: Ages SevTech: Ages SevTech: Ages SevTech: Ages SevTech: Ages

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