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Do you enjoy roguelike dungeon crawling games? Or scouring the world of Minecraft for riches in dungeons and structures? Are you fed up with all the technology and just want to have a good time? Then you’ll enjoy the Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Modpack.

It’s all about looting and battling, as well as adventure and exploration. Make your way through the dungeons, improving your abilities and equipment along the way, completing missions, and conquering terrifying new and unknown realities. There’s no time to rest, since as you gain strength and acquire better equipment, the mobs will grow in strength as well!

You don’t think it’s enough and you want more? Twilight Forest, The Betweenlands, Aether, The Beneath, and Cavern II all have additional dimensions to explore. Find new monsters, new landscapes, and secrets that have yet to be solved. Explore labyrinths, dungeons, and traps by passing through dimensional doors. Meet monsters like the Lich, Hydra, and Naga in the magical forest, where time has stopped at dusk.

Explore the fantastic world of the Aether… With the help of your airship, explore an incredible country in the skies! Dive further into the labyrinths, pick up new gear, and take on even more bosses.

What is Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (RAD) Modpack?

Pyramid plunder, Roguelike dungeons, Biblio craft, aether, better questing, and many other mods are included in the RAD Modpack.

  • It houses legendary weapons, which can be used to slay legendary bosses.
  • Investigate novel mechanisms.
  • To combat the mob, become a Wizard.
  • To complete your achievement tree, travel through the dimensions with your loyal wolf to improve the level of your equipment.
  • If you believe this is it, pick a dragon from the worlds of Ice and Fire.
  • Quest will add to the fun of the game by directing you and assigning tasks.

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (RAD) Screenshots:

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (RAD) Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (RAD) Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (RAD) Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (RAD) Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (RAD)

The Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (RAD) Modpack has the following characteristics:

  • There are numerous dungeons and new structures to discover and investigate. Explore the ruins on the surface or go underneath.
  • various worlds, each with its own bosses and adventures (Aether, The Betweenlands, Cavern II, Beneath, Hunting Dimension, Twilight Forest, Aether, The Twilight Forest, Aether, The Betweenlands, Cavern II, Beneath, Hunting Dimension)
  • Take on the role of a wizard and use the complex RPG-style spell system. There are no weird structures, skill trees, or complicated recipes – all you have to do is find magic books, cast them, and master the arcane.
  • Choose your dragon and tame it in Dragons: Ice and Fire.
  • Stronger and smarter enemies; doors and gateways that can take you to mazes, puzzles, and traps (dimensional doorways). Mobs with Diablo-like modifiers will make you shiver with horror…
  • Monsters with more variety, ranging from benign chameleons to terrifying beasts.
  • missions that will help you progress through the game and provide challenges
  • Complete quests to earn coins, which you can then sell for valuable rewards.
  • growing difficulty: as you get stronger, the creatures get tougher as well!
  • Airships are ideal for travelling through the Aether.
  • Modifiers for your weapons and tools at random.
  • Enhance your abilities and equipment.
  • both simple and advanced Enderchest backpacks for extended treks with their own inventory.
  • For wolves, certain enhancements have been implemented. So that you don’t have to travel alone, make a new acquaintance.

What makes the Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (RAD) Modpack so popular?

The R.A.D. Modpack stands out as one of the best questing Modpacks available. The quests aren’t what make a game stand out when you’re looking for adventure. It’s about getting ready for the voyage and making sure you have the greatest equipment. Before the next dungeon, you can prepare your equipment or treasure for better items.

You must defeat this boss before moving on to the next. Before moving on to the next realm, you’re rushing through a maze with your companions. Adventure with a wolf who is both loyal and intelligent! Consider being a spelunker, a tank, a bard, or a wizard! In addition, if you wish to be a wizard, they’ve made the mystical quest as simple and straightforward as possible while still having fun.

For longer excursions, there are backpacks and ender-chest-like containers that traverse in three dimensions, just in case the lich has you cornered. If you’re concerned that the mod will become too easy… The mobs, the dozens of different mobs and mob varieties (looking at you, lightning creeper) are on the same level as you! The R.A.D. Modpack is the thrilling adventure you’ve been waiting for, and Apex is ready to host it for you and your buddies.


  • Turn off the server by going to the Apex Server Panel.
  • Open the dropdown after scrolling to the “JAR File” section.
  • Select “Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons” after searching for “Roguelike.”
  • When requested, it is advised that you create a new world and then restart the server.

Installation of the Client:

  • CurseForge’s official launcher may be downloaded here.
  • Go to “Browse Modpacks” and type in “Roguelike.”
  • Press “Install” after selecting “Rogulike Adventures and Dungeons.”
  • To play the game, go back to the “My Modpacks” section and press “play.”

Common Problems:

● When I try to join the server, I get the following error:

If a player can’t connect to the server, it’s usually because the modpack isn’t correctly loaded on their machine. To join the server, make sure you’re running the official R.A.D. modpack, which includes all of the necessary modules.

● My server is stuck loading:

When a mod is deleted from an existing world, this is a common occurrence. You can force the world to load by typing /fml confirm into the server prompt. After that, the world should load with the missing mods removed.

● The server does not spawn modded items:

If the mods appear in the creative menu but not on the server, it’s likely that the server isn’t using the modpack correctly. Ensure that the server was switched to R.A.D. and rebooted to load it up using the panel.

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Modpacks Download

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Server 1 – Server 2

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