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Vanilla Minecraft attempts to add more features over time, but it often falls short of the spark that modded Minecraft has. MC Eternal is one of the most popular Modpacks in recent times, having been handcrafted over the course of eight months to provide one of the most varied and unique experiences possible, with tonnes of thrilling Adventures, Magic, Science, Quests, Combat, Bosses, Automation, Exploration, and Rats that shoot cheese from cannons! You can feel rewarded for doing whatever you want with all your pals thanks to an extensive optional questing system and a myriad of customizations. It’s incredibly simple to utilise an MC Eternal server with Apex Hosting, so we’ll teach you how today.

With over 2.5 million downloads and roughly 300 mods, MC Eternal is a popular mod. Eternal brings together hundreds of materials for Tinkers’ Construct, over 750 quests, vast multidimensional factories, dozens of tameable pets, economy systems, town building, unusual RPG aspects, secrets, collectives, a unique bounty system, and much more!

MC Eternal

What are the Features of MC Eternal Mod?

  • Hundreds of Tinkers are working on building materials.
  • There are currently over 750 quests available, with more being added all the time!
  • Make and design large multifunctional factories that can be as simple or as complex as you wish.
  • Hundreds of tameable animals and pets.
  • MineColonies allows you to create your own populated town with workers, people, and builders.
  • Custom economic system that lets users choose a profession and sell it to the Player Shop to earn money!
  • Pick and choose from a variety of distinct RPG components wrapped in science in one massive bundle. Are you a sorcerer? Are you a mad scientist? farmer? Are you asking for all three? It’s entirely up to you to make that decision!
  • The Bounty system is unique in that it stimulates exploration and sends you on wild journeys in search of dangerous and elusive creatures! (Look for me in the Exploration chapter!
  • Explore, pillage, and combat custom dungeons, constructions, and bosses
  • There are secrets and collectibles to discover and flaunt.
  • Collect and track down legendary artifacts.
  • Fully dynamic GUI store where you can buy everything you want, whether it’s useful or gimmick meaningless joke stuff.
  • There are regular updates, as well as a monthly major patch (normally).
  • If you dare, go to the Moon and face the completely custom dimension, which features three distinct bosses and over 35 custom buildings.
  • In the Overworld, there are a plethora of enemies to face and dungeons to explore, some of which are so difficult that bringing a friend is recommended! Never mind the endless possibilities of raiding and pillaging the pack’s 9+ dimensions (with more personalized exploration on the way!)
  • Many of the boss mods have been extensively modified.

How to Install MC Eternal on the server?

  • Go to the Apex Server Panel and look for the Jar File section.
  • Select Eternal from the menu dropdown, then scroll or search for it.
  • Change Version after selecting MC Eternal.
  • To avoid any problems, it is recommended that you create a new world when offered.
  • To load the modpack, restart the server.

Enable Biomes O’ Plenty (optional):-

  • Stop the server by going to the Apex Server Panel.
  • On the left, go to Config Files, then Server Settings.
  • To get to the Level Type section, go to the bottom of the page and scroll down.
  • Because the modpack is on 1.12.2, change the level type to BIOMESOP.
  • When requested, save and create a new world, then restart the server.

Client-Side Installation:-

  • Visit CurseForge’s website to download and install the CurseForge launcher.
  • Go to Browse Modpacks after opening the program, then search for MC Eternal.
  • Select MC Eternal from the drop-down menu, then press Install.
  • You can find the installed pack in the My Modpacks section once it’s finished.
  • To begin the game using the modpack, press Play.

Download MC Eternal Modpack

Download 1.5

Download 1.4.2


Overall, the MC Eternal Modpack is a fantastic choice for individuals who like to explore the world and discover a plethora of buildings and possibilities for becoming powerful. Because this is a huge Modpack that frequently demands enormous amounts of memory to execute, it is also suggested that you have a powerful PC to run it. If you want, you can use the MC Eternal Lite version. There is always something to do, whether you want to focus on making the greatest tools or collecting all of the spells in the Wizardry mod.

Common Problems:-

● When I try to join the server, I get the following error:

If a player can’t connect to the server, it’s usually because the modpack isn’t correctly loaded on their machine. To join the server, make sure you’re running the official MC Eternal modpack, which includes all of the necessary modules.

● My server is stuck loading:

When a mod is deleted from an existing world, this is a common occurrence. You can force the world to load by typing /fml confirm into the server prompt. After that, the world should load with the missing mods removed.

● The server does not spawn modded items:

If the mods appear in the creative menu but not on the server, it’s likely that the server isn’t using the Modpack correctly. Ensure that the server has been switched to MC Eternal via the interface and that it has been rebooted to load it up.

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