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Vazkii chose to abandon the mod due to a lack of creativity during the transition from Minecraft 1.7.10 to 1.8. Williewillus continued it under the moniker Botania Unofficial. Except for minor modifications and bug corrections, no changes were done. Vazkii resurrected the mod in September 2016, initially under the name Botania V2, based on williewillus’ Minecraft 1.10 port.

Botania is a tech mod with a natural magic theme. The game revolves around harnessing Mana, the earth’s power, to create magical flowers and technologies.

Botania may be played as a standalone mod (and is planned to be), but it also works nicely in combination with other mods.

The mod focuses on automation without being too grindy. Systems can be thought out and constructed instead of being built off of blueprints in JEI or a wiki.


What is Botania Mod?

Botania is a Vazkii mod with wiiv’s art. It’s all about generating and utilising the magical energy that mystical flowers emit.

The Botania Mod is ideal for users who want to add fresh flowers and other plants to their Minecraft world. At the same time, flowers will grant you new abilities that can be used to create new weapons and things that will aid you in your quest. It’s a good idea to create the Lexica Botania right after you install the mod because it will assist you by providing valuable information about the entire new floral environment.

To begin using the Botania Mod, create a mortar and pestle to ground flower petals into a powder that may be used as a colour for clay, glass, or as a fertiliser when combined with bone meal. After crafting an apothecary that needs to be filled with water and petals and seeds, you can make mysterious flowers. One of the mod’s main goals is to gather Mana, which you can do by making various magical flowers, placing them with mana spreaders, and collecting it in mana pools.

After you’ve collected enough mana, you can enchant goods like diamonds, ender pearls, and iron ingots to turn them into mana diamonds, mana pearls, and manasteel ingots, which can be used to make new equipment and armors. Because the Botania Mod adds a lot of stuff, you should study the Lexica Botania until you’ve figured out everything there is to know about it.


Botania Botania Botania Botania

Botania’s design philosophy is as follows:-

  • Pipes, wires, and the like aren’t allowed because they’re uninteresting and overdone;
  • There are no graphical user interfaces, so you can interact with everything in the world.
  • There should be no numbers of players should not aim to max out everything;
  • Maintain as many renewable resources as feasible;
  • Despite simply using two separate particle effects, provide nice graphics.

Botania’s objectives are as follows:-

  • Break the stereotype of mods as means to an end by being engaging in both gameplay and rewards.
  • Provide enjoyable and well-balanced gameplay without requiring gamers to grind;
  • Encourage sandbox gameplay by allowing users to construct amusing contraptions;
  • Create a fully immersive environment.

Botania Mod for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • The Craft Crane was not syncing properly, so that was fixed.
  • Hopperhock’s inventory wasn’t updated properly.
  • A missing texture on Mutated Grass was fixed.
  • Redirectory, Celebratory, and Flare are three new mana lenses.
  • 6 additional types of attractive grass have been added.
  • Botania Panes with strange illumination in corners were fixed.
  • Armor item icons have been updated to match the new armour models.
  • A few new blooms have been added.

The following are the essentials:

  • Botania Lexica. This is a knowledge collection – a book that describes the major things and tools for modification. An ordinary book can be improved to gain extra knowledge.
  • The Forest Wand is a magical weapon. It’s a simple tool that may be used in two different modes: control and binding. Binding combines two entities into a single entity. Some objects can be rotated with the help of the controls.
  • Pouch for flowers. Used to keep track of any additional flowers that have been added to the game. Only magical flowers, however, can be placed in it.
  • Pure Daisy. This is a necessary component for creating amazing flowers.
  • Petal Apothecary. To develop a generating and working flora, the altar is required.
  • Mana Pool is a collection of spells that can be used to conserve a certain amount of mana with it.
  • Runic Altar. Allows you to make many kinds of runes.
  • Mana Spreader is a spell that spreads mana. Mana can be transferred to other entities.

Mystical Flowers: Botania is a Minecraft mod that generates Mystical Flowers all over the earth. There are 16 distinct colours to choose from. In the Petal Apothecary, they can be turned into Mystical Petals, which can then be turned into dye or a variety of producing and functional flowers.

Mana: Mana in Botania’s energy system, which is utilised to power practically all of the mod’s mystical devices. It is obtained by growing Hydroangeas, Endoflame, or Gourmaryllis flowers, and it may be used to power a variety of functional flowers, armour sets, and other mod goods.

Guardian of Gaia: The Gaia Guardian, Botania’s late-game boss, can be summoned by performing the Ritual of Gaia. It drops Gaia Spirits, which are required for several end-game goods to be crafted.

Tweaks: Botania modifies vanilla Minecraft in several ways. Vanilla Dispensers can plant crops on the block right in front of them once Botania is installed. Botania also includes a variety of banner patterns that are both decorative and functional.

Generating flowers:

  • When the player is near water, he can refill his mana in return for eliminating water within a 3-block radius.
  • Food devouring. The player exchanges mana for food that is nearby. The more food you eat, the more mana you gain.
  • Removing plants. Removes plants in the vicinity of the player and converts them to mana.
  • Shulk Me Not. The player’s mana will be refilled during the shulker’s mob attack.
  • Rosa Arcana. Experience is exchanged for mana.

Functional Flowers:

  • Mobs stopping. Enemies of the player are kept within the specified radius.
  • Regeneration effect. In battle, this is a significant boost.
  • Freeze mobs for a few seconds within a radius of 6 blocks.
  • Repeling mobs. You can scare gangs away by making a flower using a unique technique.
  • Mobs attack each other. To utilise it, you’ll need a lot of mana.

The Botania mod can be installed in the following ways:-

  • Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed.
  • Patchouli and Curios API need also be installed.
  • Download the mod for your game’s version.
  • Place it in the mods’ folder in the game folder.

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